The Nest is an experience. Whether you come for one day or for just one service, we want you to come in and experience a peaceful visit and leave feeling better. With modern and clean facilities, friendly staff, and lots of experience; we will provide an euphoric experience like no other.

Our Story

“Jordan and I wanted to share with you the story behind ‘The Nest Day Spa & Aesthetic Center’ and our logo.

When I first spoke to Jordan about opening a spa I told her that I wanted to call it ‘THE NEST.’ When I was little, my mom would build a ‘nest’ on the couch for me to nap in or to lay in and read and relax. She and I both built ‘nests’ for my children as well. It was the safest, coziest, happiest place: wrapped in a pile of blankets on my mom’s couch. I loved building nests for my children as well, when they were happy, sick, cold, or just because they wanted it.

​Jordan remembered my story a few weeks later as we were discussing spa branding, and she texted me a picture. She said she couldn’t sleep, so she searched for an image that she had created many years ago after she had lost her sweet mom. She had saved it all these years. As soon as I saw it, I knew that she had created the perfect picture to express our purpose for the spa. That picture was sent to my extremely talented graphic designer cousin, Melissa Lake Brownell, and our logo was created.

​This logo and our name are so special to us. I just know our sweet moms are smiling. We hope you will follow our Facebook page and Instagram to see the progress we are making on building ‘THE NEST.’ We hope that our dream of creating a restful, peaceful, happy place for you to rest brings us all joy moving forward.

We can’t wait to see you at ~THE NEST~

-Tracy Frye