The versatility, skin-smoothing, and facial-contouring power of dermal fillers

Look as well-rested, vibrant, and joyous as you feel with well-planned and precisely injected dermal fillers at The Nest Day Spa & Aesthetic Center in Russell, Kentucky. Also known as soft tissue fillers, dermal fillers represent a category of cosmetic treatments that are injected into specific points of the face. There are dozens of filler products on the market today. They are made with a variety of materials and processes. Depending on their specific ingredients and formulations, these fillers also differ by:

  • Treatment indications, or the specific types of conditions that may be treated with them
  • Side effects associated with the product
  • Expected healing, downtime 
  • Results, including the time it takes to see noticeable improvements (and their duration) 

There are generally two different categories of skin conditions that our professionals may treat: Skin-related issues that do not affect texture (such as brown spots and melasma) and skin-related problems that do affect texture (such as wrinkles, scarring, lines, and laxity). The surface of your skin can also become uneven with the passage of time or trauma; for instance, acne breakouts may leave behind pitted areas or scars. You may also notice changes to the contours of your face and facial features. These changes can be brought on by the natural loss of elasticity or firmness that occurs as part of the aging process. 

In all, dermal fillers are formulated to effectively improve the appearance of: 

  • Hollow or sunken areas, for example, the “mid-face” or apples of the cheeks, are often the first areas to sustain visible volume loss
  • Wrinkles, folds, and creases
  • Scarring caused by previous acne flare-ups, past surgical procedures, and other trauma or injury to the skin
  • Thin or depressed areas; for instance, the lips may appear more “deflated” over time with the loss of natural substances like collagen

With many fillers, you may see immediate improvements to the appearance of your wrinkles, scars, and recessed areas. With other products, such as the poly-L-lactic acid filler Sculptra®, natural results may be seen gradually. A number of fillers also address the root cause of the shallow areas and wrinkles. For example, both Sculptra® and Radiesse®, made from calcium-based microspheres (similar to natural minerals present in the body), are proven to stimulate the production of skin-firming and volume-boosting collagen. 

Many popular fillers are generally made from hyaluronic acid. Since HA is present in the skin as a vital lubricant and moisturizer, the allergic risks associated with it are minimized. You may know HA by popular brand names, such as Juvéderm®. Brands like Juvéderm® are not limited to a single product; they are actually a family of fillers. Each filler is designed with different indications and treatment sites in mind. One filler may be appropriate to treat severe folds around the nose and mouth, whereas another may be best to correct hollowed cheeks. 

With so many fillers for us to choose from at The Nest Day Spa & Aesthetic Center, a personalized (and complimentary!) consultation is essential. Call (606) 388-2399 to schedule your appointment at our first-class medical day spa in Russell, Kentucky.