Restore your radiance with Radiesse® — the long-lasting, collagen-boosting injectable filler

Calcium is essential for healthy bones and teeth. In the skilled hands of our talented and kind professionals at The Nest Day Spa & Aesthetic Center in Russell, Kentucky, this mineral may also be applied to trigger the production of another vital, skin-plumping substance: collagen. 

Boost your radiance with Radiesse® filler

Radiesse® is a particularly powerful member of a family of nonsurgical and aesthetic cosmetic products available at our first-class medical spa – dermal or soft tissue fillers. Unlike other types of filler products formulated with substances like hyaluronic acid (think: Juvéderm), Radiesse® is defined as a “collagen stimulator.” It is uniquely formulated to trigger the renewed production or “remodeling” of collagen. It is this unique property that supports exceptionally long-lasting results. 

The “magic” of Radiesse® is in its active ingredient of calcium hydroxylapatite. CaHa is simply made up of beads of calcium. These beads are similar to minerals that are present in the teeth, skeletal bone, and other parts of the body. By suspending the CaHa in a gel, our providers can inject these “calcium microspheres” into areas that could use the volume boost. These areas include the depressions or folds around the mouth, nose, lips, and chin. 

Radiesse® may even be precisely introduced to the backs of the hands. The areas mentioned here are vulnerable to the effects of aging due to the loss of structural support and firming proteins like collagen. With time, the skin thins, and beneficial substances like collagen run in shorter supply. Healthy, youthful skin contains abundant collagen, contributing to plump, firm, smooth tissue. So, don’t let your hands betray your age!

Experience the many benefits

Since the calcium in Radiesse® is so similar to natural minerals, this filler is highly compatible with living, surrounding tissues and structures. Like HA, it does not pose a risk of damage to neighboring tissue. Additionally, unlike other fillers formulated with synthetic or donor sources, the risk of adverse allergic reactions or sensitivities is avoided. 

Radiesse® may be formulated with lidocaine for added comfort. Otherwise, side effects are typically limited to minor and temporary injection-site redness, irritation, tenderness, swelling, bruising, and itching.

Radiesse® can be completed as a quick lunchtime treatment. Unlike more aggressive surgical procedures, there is nothing to heal from. So you can get back to your activities and day without missing a beat. In addition to being low risk, Radiesse® presents a “high-reward” treatment. Whereas the results from other dermal fillers typically last for no longer than around six months, Radiesse® has been scientifically shown to produce sustained results for up to a year or longer. 

Here again, the beauty of Radiesse® is in its unique formulation as a “collagen stimulator.” As the calcium microspheres or beads are absorbed and metabolized by your body, they restore and leave behind only new, firming collagen. While The Nest Day Spa & Aesthetic Center cannot stop the clock on aging, we can reset it! Call (606) 388-2399 with questions or to schedule your complimentary consultation at our location in Russell, KY today.