Relax! Wrinkles do not have to detract from your natural beauty, thanks to our array of “wrinkle erasers”

Lines, wrinkles, and other skin conditions are a fact of life or, more specifically, a fact of aging. The fatty subcutaneous tissue that provides “scaffolding” for more superficial skin layers begins to thin out with age. Surface layers loosen and sag, promoting deep-seated lines and wrinkles. 

A lifetime’s worth of “quirks,” from how you laugh to how often you squint, shows up on your face as expression lines (like crow’s feet and frown lines). The Nest Day Spa & Aesthetic Center of Russell, Kentucky, can delay or minimize the effects of these processes with a good skin care regimen. But, for existing wrinkles,  “erasers” are likely in your future. 

What are “wrinkle eraser”?

This treatment category is not any one device, therapy, or regimen. The specific intervention that is recommended for you depends on factors such as your skin type and the severity of the wrinkle. Options available to today’s practitioners include: 

  • Resurfacing – The top layers of the epidermis are removed using chemical peels, rotating brushes (and similar devices), lasers, Intense Pulsed Light, or radiofrequency energy. Generally, they improve fine lines and static furrows like crow’s feet.  
  • Fillers – Substances like hyaluronic acid (HA) may be injected into deeper wrinkles to plump up problem areas. In turn, this “plumping action” also has a wrinkle-smoothing effect. These injectables treat static creases seen at rest and add volume to shallow areas. They are designed to treat signs of aging in the lower third portion of the face. There are quite literally dozens of filler products for our team to choose from; some of the longest-lasting fillers are formulated with ingredients like CaHa (calcium hydroxylapatite). These and other types of dermal or soft tissue fillers are also characterized as “collagen stimulators.” They actually help to trigger the process of collagen remodeling or production. The body makes less of this skin-firming protein with age. By getting to the source of the problem, collagen stimulators produce particularly long-lasting results. 
  • Neurotoxins – Also known as “neuromodulators,” products like Botox®, Dysport®, Xeomin®, and Jeuveau® are designed to treat expression lines in the upper third portion of the face. These trouble areas include the vertical lines between the eyes and the “crow’s feet” or lines around the eyes. Additionally, they may be an appropriate treatment for the “worry lines” or horizontal creases on the forehead. These products are formulated with proteins which, once precisely injected by a talented member of our team, block the action of the nerves and muscle contractions responsible for the static expression lines that we see at the corner of our eyes or on our forehead.

 Some of these alternatives may even be combined for a dramatic, nonsurgical “liquid facelift.” Call The Nest Day Spa & Aesthetic Center in Russell, KY, at (606) 388-2399 to schedule your complimentary consultation today.