Get maximum results with minimal downtime demands on your body with Morpheus8 skin-tightening

Nest Day Spa has established itself in two years as the pre-eminent day spa in the Tri-State area. It has been our privilege to provide a lush, well-appointed, and trusted destination for exceptional day spa and medical spa services. To provide the ultimate relaxing, healing, safe, precise, and comfortable care, our team in Russell, Kentucky, leans into sophisticated technologies, such as state-of-the-art microneedling services with radiofrequency (RF) energy. 

Rest and find joy with the Morpheus8 system

This twist on microneedling with RF has transformed our patients’ lax, lined, wrinkled, scarred, and otherwise damaged and “aged” skin. Microneedling involves creating microscopic channels in the skin in a safe, precise, and controlled manner. RF involves the application of controlled heating to damaged tissues. Together, these therapies encourage healing and the production of new, firming collagen. 

As your body ages, less collagen is produced naturally. This process results in saggy, wrinkled skin and other concerning changes. The Morpheus8 treatment tightens and smooths skin by triggering new, fresh collagen. It does so non-invasively and may be appropriate for patients with diverse skin types and conditions. 

Fabulous results, without going “under the knife”

A special handpiece delivers the microneedling and RF treatment to targeted areas. Depending on the type of applicator used, the Morpheus8 may be applied to smaller parts of the face (such as under-eyes) or bigger areas of the body. We can discuss your needs and concerns during a complimentary consultation. 

We can also control settings for utmost comfort. Typically, patients only experience mild and temporary pressure or tenderness as the handpiece delivers the healing energy to their damaged skin. Depending on the size of the area, the number of areas, and the type and extent of the condition we are treating, a single session typically takes around 15 to 60 minutes. 

Common side effects are usually limited to treatment site red discoloration, itching, and swelling. These effects typically subside within one to three days. A “typical” series of treatments involves around three sessions spaced four to six weeks apart. Because Morpheus8 triggers the production of new collagen, full results from treatment may be visible in around three months. But noticeable improvements to concerns like lines and scarring can be achieved in just days! 

Minimal downtime, maximal results 

Since the procedure is not invasive, there is nothing to heal from. Patients can generally get on with their day post-treatment. Similarly, risks of undesirable side effects and severe complications are further minimized. Simply get ready to enjoy dramatic improvements in your skin’s feel, appearance, and health! Call (606) 388-2399 to find out more about the Morpheus8 and our vast suite of medical services to bring out your healthy, beautiful best at Nest Day Spa in Russell, KY.