Kybella®: Shrink stubborn double chin fat without surgery

At The Nest Day Spa & Aesthetic Center, we are proud to provide an array of cutting, nonsurgical cosmetic products and therapies to our neighbors in Russell, Kentucky, and the broader Tri-State area. These advanced and low-risk treatments include Kybella®. This treatment has a single focus: banishing double chins! 

Double chin treatment was daunting … until now.

You may intimately empathize with the challenges of shrinking a lax or flabby chin. That “excess” still looms large, regardless of your diet or amount of weight loss. Under-chin or “submental” fat is notoriously difficult to shrink. That’s because several factors are to blame for extra fatty tissue at this site. These causes can make it challenging for patients to get results on their own. For instance, hormonal changes that occur with age can lead to a redistribution of fat cells in formerly toned or trim areas. In fact, even younger and slender folks can have poorly defined facial contours. 

The “secret” to effectively shrink a double-chin

At The Nest Day Spa & Aesthetic Center, patients with stubborn chin fat enjoy the benefits of Kybella®, the first product of its kind to obtain FDA approval. Indicated to treat submental fat, Kybella® is not unlike other straightforward cosmetic injectable products when it comes to the treatment process. One of our skilled professionals injects Kybella® at the targeted site of the fatty tissue between the head and the neck. Most patients tolerate this treatment technique so well that applying a cooling pack/compress or topical numbing typically maintains the utmost comfort.

As a quick procedure that can be completed during the lunch hour, Kybella® allows you to get to your work and other activities without downtime, healing, and recovery. Typically, most of our patients have noticed desirable results in just two sessions – though up to six treatments may be needed to achieve optimal contours and facial definition. These sessions are largely spaced four weeks apart. Kybella is formulated with deoxycholic acid, which is designed to trigger a process; fatty cells are targeted and damaged selectively. Due to these processes, the results from Kybella® are revealed over time. Fat at the treatment site is removed from the body safely and naturally. Kybella® also promotes sustained results. Treated fat cannot develop or be stored again, unlike conventional weight loss and fat reduction alternatives. 

Look younger and regain confidence!Kybella® is an effective alternative to diet, exercise, and even drastic surgical procedures for many people bothered by chin fullness and a lack of jawline definition. Additionally, The Nest Day Spa & Aesthetic Center is pleased to offer preferred pricing. That means we base the cost of treatment on visits or sessions – not on vials of Kybella® product needed. Call our team in Russell, KY today at (606) 388-2399 to learn more.